Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So many lies 


The other night Jon Stewart showed a clip of Bush telling an audience that we had evidence that Iran had been making IED bomb components for Iraqis to use against our troops.

In a clip that followed, the Senior Reuters White House Correspondent asked Rumsfeld and General Pace if they had any evidence that Iran was making bomb components. Rummy looked at Peter Pace, Pace looked at Rummyn and turned towards the reporter and he answered: "I do not."

Yesterday in Cleveland, someone phrased a simple question- something like: You gave us three reasons to invade, WMDS, Saddams involvement in 9/11, and that Saddam had bought yellowcake from Niger. None of those turned out ot be true.

Bush interrupted and said: No, that's a misperception, I never actually said that....

Turns out he said exactly those things in the 2003 state of the union speech.

Here's my point.

Bush is a liar. A bald-faced, unrepentant liar.

Keep that in mind tghe next time a pollster asks you if you would enjoy having a beer with him. Our illegitimate president is a liar.

That's a fact that no one can dispute.
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