Friday, March 03, 2006



Bush fatigue has set in. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Despite the polls and the news and the protests I just can't shake the knowledge that Bush is here to stay--that is unless we follow his lead, scrap the Constitution, and stage a coup. The only solace available to me these days are the blogs and the handful of articles that help convince me that this Administration has finally lost the ability to achieve any of its goals. The Bush stampede has charged down a dead end alley with no hope of turning itself around. A perfect example can be found in March's Vanity Fair. According to Michael Elins, even Bush's military events are losing their effectiveness as people wake up to two important facts: (1) the events are obscene, and (2) they're transparently pathetic.
Bush Fatigue


"Some observers ... conclude that the war to change Iraq's society has not been won, and cannot be won without in investment of time and resources we are not willing to make in Iraq. Other challenges loom, in North Korea and in Iran, which will tax us contingently, on a larger scale than the Saddam/Iraq war. These will need to take precedence.

"Mr. Bush is entitled to maintain, doggedly and persuasively, that he took the right steps—up through the overthrow of Saddam and the exposure of an armory without weapons of mass destruction. From that point on, the challenge required more than his deployable resources. His political reputation will rest on his success in making that point and ceding realistically to realities we are not going to cope with, and ought not to attempt to cope with."

-Bill Buckley
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