Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Time to go my compatriots.

Over 200,000 readings

Thousands of visitors.

Thank you all.

Some parting thoughts. I appreciate the loyal visitors I have had these last few years. It has been almost three years and we started this just to have a dialogue inside a culture that watched the media dissolve and become cheerleaders. Trajan dropped off years ago but we are still friends and both agree that a long, painful and slow recovery from W will begin one day. Though this isn’t the end of his destructive reign, I think the point has been reached where most people realize he is just a pathetic fucking liar, a coward and dry drunk.

I did the best I could to carry on alone and keep your attention. I looked for the best articles I could find and on occasion I wrote an essay. I spent a lot of time in the Kossack community and became one of the top 100 diarists last year.

But realistically this blog will do little to change the world. It was just an outlet to say how much I hated the facists who shit on our flag and our Constitution.

From time to time I will revisit here and write something. Perhaps one day I will simply shut it down.

That said, Godspeed.

For now.

Judah Maccabee
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