Thursday, March 02, 2006

the burden of lying 


The Administration must think that we do not have cameras and tape recorders. Furthermore they think that we all don't care how much they lie. Furthermore they think we are children and can't interpolate and handle their lying. Lying is hard to keep up with certainly.

"Hoping to counteract the damage of the story, the White House leaked Newsweek transcripts from daily noon FEMA conference calls during and after Katrina to show how engaged and concerned Dubya was. Trouble is, these are transcripts that they had initially refused to provide to congressional investigators."

-Jane Hamsher

"But he chose to deny that. Why? Because George Bush is a liar. To lie is the first instinct of this administration. It's the same reason Dick Cheney decided not to tell anyone when he shot a man in the face. And then they're surprised when we don't trust them to sell our ports to Dubai?"

-Stephen elliot
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