Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Here’s Your Victory

BAGHDAD — The Islamic government in neighboring Iran watched with trepidation in March 2003 when U.S.-led troops stormed Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime and start remaking the political map of the Mideast.

In retrospect, the Islamic Republic could have celebrated: The war has left America's longtime nemesis with profound influence in the new Iraq and pushed it to the apex of power in the region.


In late September, Journal staffer Farnaz Fassihi wrote an e-mail to friends back in the United States about what she was seeing. "Being a foreign correspondent in Baghdad these days is like being under house arrest," it began, then went on to describe the countrywide scale of the insurgency and what Iraqis think about it. Just a few days before, she had filed a Journal story, co-authored with Greg Jaffe, explaining that, "Iraq's once highly fragmented insurgent groups are increasingly cooperating to attack U.S. government and Iraqi government targets, and steadily gaining control of more areas of the county."

But her e-mail went further. "One could argue that Iraq is already lost beyond salvation," she wrote. "For those of us on the ground, it's hard to imagine what, if anything, could salvage it from its violent downward spiral."

WSJ Journalists stories reflect reality
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