Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Jane Hamsher says

Dick Cheney obviously believes he has the right to control the peasantry by any means necessary. After he shot a 78 year-old man this weekend on a hunting trip, one has to wonder a) who thought it was a good idea to put a gun in the hands of a fat, drunken, ill-tempered gimp with a bad heart and b) what kind of world Cheney thinks he lives in.


ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- An American convicted of joining al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate President Bush has joined the ranks of those seeking review of their convictions based on concerns over President Bush's post-9/11 eavesdropping program.



Keen on shaking their addiction and not wishing to follow the American example, China has instituted measures opting for alternative sources of energy be it hydroelectric, wind and solar, alternative fuels, etc. Conservation in a very practical and effective way is being instituted as well such as taxing gas guzzling clunkers. And with results! China's economy expanded near double digits last year, yet imports of crude oil were reported to have fallen back by 5 %! While domestic production of crude oil increased some 3.5% to approximately 1.25 billion barrels.

Most striking however is China's decision to tie their increasing energy needs to the development and expansion of nuclear energy. China's goal is to grow its production of nuclear generated electric energy five fold in the next fifteen years. This will call for the building of up to 40 new nuclear power plants during that timespan.

This in stark contrast to our nuclear energy policy which has not seen a new nuclear power plant built since the 1970's. It is long overdue that we reexamine the nuclear option. Certainly there are real problems with the disposal of nuclear waste. Yet France has satisfactorily dealt with that issue and today produces nearly 80% of its electric energy from nuclear power.

Given China's commitment, France's performance it is time we thoroughly reexamined the pros and cons of nuclear energy. After all what do France and China know that we do not? Aside from helping to wean us off imported oil, nuclear energy has decided environmental benefits. It causes no lung damage from breathing in harmful emissions, no vegetation destruction from acid rain and no global warming. The oil patch will fight it, but its contribution to our energy self reliance, our national security and to our environment would be enormous. As China is pointing the way, the technology is there to be implemented in short order.

In the meantime while we continue to procrastinate, don't look over your shoulder. Behind you are Chinese Hybrid cars by the millions coming this way. And if you do look, in a not too distant future, you'll see that the person picking up the tab in that Beijing restaurant is none other than King Abdullah himself.

Oil China and US
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