Friday, January 20, 2006

steve Gilliard says 


It's really simple in the end.

Bush and Cheney are not Musolini or Stalin or Pinochet. They are Mobutu Sese Seko, the kleptocrat which ran Zaire into AIDS, Ebola and Civil War.

No need to blather on. Just consider these points:

* Despite a very expensive war, the President insists on tax cuts.

* In the days after 9/11, the Office of Management and Budget wanted to limit pain and suffering awards to $250,000

* Despite warnings, Bush placed industy allies throughout the government. Then he added on Republican cronies and friends.

* The Medicare D drug plan cannot bargain for lower prices, and requires seniors to get information from the Internet.

* The Coalition Provisional Authority which was supposed to help run Iraq's government, lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars, and hired from the Heritage Foundation resume pool.

* Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former employer, and subsidiaries have been accused of everything from serving bad food to overcharging for oil in Iraq

* The Bush Administration fired the US Attorney for Guam after he investigated factories on the island accused of slave labor and sexual slavery

* The New bankruptcy law may force millions into court to save what assets they can.

* Sen. Rick Santorum wanted to bar the National Weather Service from releasing it's data and competing with private weather services. Not two weeks later Katrina hits.

* The Federal Government directed charity relief to cronies like Pat Robertson.

* US soldiers are barred from private purchase body armor, despite it being more effective, and costing $6,000. Generals, however, are allowed to keep their versions.

* While thousands of servicemembers have died and been injured in Iraq, not one senior member of the Bush Administration has a family member serving in either Iraq or Afghanistan. To the best of anyone's knowledge, the Bush daughters travel with their mother on trips.

* Up to 60 Republican members of Congress may face investigation for corruption, while senior White House aides are still under investigation for releasing the name of a CIA officer.

* Despite a lack of armored vehicle and body armor, no move is made to find new suppliers or change the contracts, forcing soldiers to make do in combat.

* Think tank staffers, "journalists" and others are paid to create pro-government propaganda in US and foriegn media.

* Ohio's elected officials are ensnared in a scheme to buy coins as a pension investment with a Republican supporter, losing millions.

* Ohio's Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, is supported by churches accused of violating the law to support him.

This is a Kleptocracy, where Bush and the GOP try to enshrine a government of cronyism and incompetence, regardless of the harm caused.

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