Tuesday, January 31, 2006

speech commentary by kevin drum 


10:05 — 52 minutes. And a stirring wrapup. Except that Bush really doesn't do "stirring" all that well. Oh well.

9:57 — Human-animal hybrids? Huh?

9:55 — "We must never give in to the belief that America is on the decline." How Carter-esque.

9:54 — Fewer abortions than anytime in the past three decades? Is that true?

9:51 — The increase in basic research funding sounds good. I wonder if it's for real? The investment tax credit stuff will be popular in Silicon Valley.

9:49 — The R&D stuff he's talking about for clean energy research doesn't really sound like much. I wonder what those percentage increases come to in actual dollars?

9:47 — HSA watch: Bush wants to make them available to small businesses and make them more portable. Is that it? That's not much for all the HSA hype we've been hearing for the past couple of weeks.

9:44 — Now a reference to Clinton. That makes the score 4-1 in favor of references to former Democratic presidents. Aren't there any former Republican presidents he wants to give a shout out to?

9:41 — Still with the business about cutting the deficit in half by 2009? Sheesh. I think Kash took care of that one a couple of days ago.

9:39 — "Roosevelt to Truman to Kennedy to Reagan"? What happened to Ike and Nixon and Ford and Dad? Is Bush embarrassed of his own party?

9:37 — By the way, Matt lost ten bucks a few minutes ago....

9:34 — Yep, he's on the offensive about the NSA's domestic spying program — complete with lies about previous presidents doing the same thing and federal courts having approved it. Points for chutzpah, though.

9:32 — Who are these "isolationists" Bush keeps talking about?

9:23 — In Iraq, "we've changed our approach to reconstruction." Didn't we just cut the budget for reconstruction to zero? That's more than just a "change," isn't it?

9:17 — Hmmm, the Palestinians were left out of Bush's list of emerging democracies in the Middle East. Isn't that odd?

9:00 — Wolf Blitzer on Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert: "They look mighty good there together, don't they?" Give me a break.

8:59 — Cindy Sheehan tried to unfold a banner and got arrested by Capitol Police? Sheesh.

8:56 — Let's see, George Bush has already adopted John Kerry's Iran policy, and tonight he will apparently adopt Jimmy Carter's energy policy as well. "America is addicted to oil," we are reliably informed he will tell us. Let's keep a sharp eye out for FDR references too, shall we?

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