Monday, January 23, 2006

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DURHAM -- A Duke University professor who has edited the statements of Osama bin Laden is sticking by his opinion that the al-Qaida leader is dead or incapacitated.

Bruce Lawrence made his comments Friday, the day after the release of an audiotape the U.S. government says is by bin Laden.

In December, Lawrence said bin Laden's public silence for the preceding year meant the terrorist leader was seriously ill or dead, perhaps among the casualties of October's massive earthquakes in the area of Pakistan where he is believed to have hidden.

Probably not Bin Laden


The punditocracy's ignore-except-to-attack attitude toward liberals is a far greater impediment to our ability to mount an alternative to the ruinous rule of George W. Bush than the attitudes of Americans themselves, who in poll after poll disagree with the President on almost all significant issues. Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby gleefully announces that "attacking Bushonomics"--the policies of the party that controls the government and has abandoned even the pretense of fiscal responsibility--"is too easy, like shooting a lame duck." He prefers "to focus instead on Democrats' response."

most Americans disagree with Bush


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