Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Tatel’s reasoning could also help Risen and Lichtblau protect the confidentiality of their sources in the N.S.A. wiretapping story. “In the current N.S.A. situation, I think Judge Tatel’s test would clearly be struck in favor of our reporters,” George Freeman, the assistant general counsel at the New York Times Company, said. “This was a leak to determine whether the law was broken, and that is something that ought to be brought to the public’s attention, so there can be public debate about it.” (Risen and Lichtblau declined to comment.) At the moment, however, Tatel’s rule is not the law of the federal courts in Washington, D.C., much less of the United States, so the reporters have little reason to be optimistic.

they want the sources


Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is said to have spent the past month preparing evidence he will present to a grand jury alleging that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove knowingly made false statements to FBI and Justice Department investigators and lied under oath while he was being questioned about his role in the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity more than two years ago, according to sources knowledgeable about the probe.

Rove is the target


SINIYA, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. soldiers fed up with almost daily bomb attacks on their patrols near Iraq's main oil refinery are taking drastic measures to fight their shadowy enemy -- they're walling in an entire town.

Army bulldozers have begun building giant sand embankments around Siniya, a town of 50,000 close to the northern oil refining city of Baiji. When finished it will be 10 km (6 miles) long and more than 2 meters (nearly 8 feet) high.

walling in a whole city?
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