Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hitler Liked Art. You Like Art. You Must Be A Nazi. 

Cenk Uygur has an important and funny piece on the latest think tank talking points techniques.

Saying your political opponents are helping the enemies of the state -- whether they are communists or terrorists - is the oldest trick in the book. It's a pathetic and desperate debating tactic. This infantile argument is easily countered - as every third grader knows - with the clever retort: "So are you!" This debating ploy is the equivalent of: Hitler liked art. You like art. So you must be a Nazi.

Link is here -http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cenk-uygur/republicans-are-just-like_b_14345.html

This is priceless. And the point here is something completely other. The point here is that the right wingers need willing disseminators of their shit. I believe all the news media in this country is grain-of-salt quality, and paper-thin. Add a worthless, lost, corporate media that gives 100 times more play to a local event than to important national events, stir in a largely uneducated public, bada bing. You get facism and nationalism. Heroes are shat upon and nobodies who sit and read teleprompters become heros and social icons. Remember that scene from the Ten Commandments when Moses came down and discovered the Israelites were all drunk and worshipping goats....It looks like that to me right now.
Chris Matthews says Michael Moore and Osama bin Laden sound similar because they both warn of American war profiteers. Dwight Eisenhower also warned of the military industrial complex in America. Is he now retroactively a terrorist?

Harry Truman started a commission to investigate war profiteers during World War II. Truman, clearly a terrorist sympathizer.
It sounds like the refrain of the neo-McCarthyites is: "Do you now or have you ever agreed with a terrorist?"

This heinous new Republican talking point not only insults Democratic leaders, but it is also gravely offensive to a majority of Americans who share their point of view.

Just about every poll in the country now shows a majority of Americans believe the Iraq war was a mistake and that we should withdraw as soon as practical. Are they all terrorists? Is this what we have come to? Senator Joe McCarthy understood that you could intimidate your political opponents if you accused them of being traitors to this country and being in league with our enemies. But he also came to understand that this cheap political parlor trick only lasts so long. And history is not kind to its purveyors.

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