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Of course there's also the very valid point that the President's lack of respect for the Constitution and ever-poor judgement has made America once again less safe from the very threat he says he's protecting us from since now each and every conviction against a terrorist will be challenged on the grounds of illegally gathered evidence. Way to go, jackass!

But don't worry, Bush was also using the NSA to spy on you and me, since we were the biggest threat to him. I mean what was more likely, a terrorist forcing Bush out of the White House or the American people? And we all know that the number one concern of Bush and his cronies has never been the safety of the American people (see PDB entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" for further evidence, or the 9/11 Commission report card). First and foremost Bush cares about power, getting and keeping it. And if these callow shameful jerkoffs have shown us anything in the last five years it's never to let the truth get in the way of their agenda and never pass up an opportunity to ratfuck your political opponent.

The best predictor of future performance is past behavoir. What's that tell you is at the heart of the NSA scandal, protecting the country or the Chimp?

-Kidksotar from Atrios

The biggest threat to the US has always been from within. There is no credible external enemy with the power to destroy the US outside of total nuclear war. There is no credible external enemy with the power to even dent the US. The US is the strongest nation on Earth, and will remain that way until we screw up enough to change that.

The US population is its own worst enemy. We have a system in place that is capable of the most outstanding of human achievements, and of near perfect self regulation. All citizens need to do is be smart, and vote.

But we don't. And we get led by our fears and vices, and put a leader who is a perfect reflection of those fears and vices in charge of the government.

Soft democrats (such as Kevin Drum) enable fear to continue to rule us. He was proud to beat the war drums up until the last second, repeating republican neocon talking points almost without question, and being more than willing to tell everyone how wrong we were to think of anything other than security, even through the last election. My god, the world must seem a scary place to them. We still get periodic installments from Kevin about how vital our external security is, a philosophy that only cuts the feat from under the wiser and braver souls who know the only way to pull America back from the abyss is to not let our diminutive enemies control our actions through fear.

Democrats need to find the spirit of Roosevelt again. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. We can NEVER win the security arguement, because there will always be a republican demagogue willing to be more extreme than us.

We need a leader to give a "buck up, princess" speech, and tell us the bad men are pissants who got a lucky break due to an incompetent administration. We need a leader who will pull out of Iraq, and finish off Al Qaida. We need a leader who will concentrate on the internal threats - stupidity, poverty, racism, crime (of all colored collars), greed.

Steve, any chance you you staying here permanently?

Mysticdog from Kevin Drum


Dammit...Axl Rose: a whiny, self-indulgant, infantile bore in an overrated, plodding excuse for a rock band doth not for cool make. Do not confuse rock & roll assholery with cool.

But I'll give you Robert Duvall, especially in "Lonesome Dove". Hackman...I dunno, he plays an asshole way too convincingly for it to be a total accident.
Matt T. | 12.28.05 - 10:02 pm | #


Finally someone is talking Turkey!

This is the biggest overlooked issue of the war. I visited Turkey over the summer and had dozens of conversations with Turkish citizens, including three Kurds.

Amazingly, the opinions I heard about Kurdistan were completely unanimous, even from the Kurds.

First, when I asked what they thought Turkey would do if a Kurdish state were created.
Answer: Turkey would invade it immediately. I then asked what would happen if the US backed the Kurds. Answer: Then we would fight the Americans and it would be a very, very brutal war.

I asked why the issue was so important. Answer: A Kurdistan would destabilize the Kurdish portion of Turkey, which would jeopardize Turkey's control over the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

They added that water is Turkey's most valuable resource. One even said: "Iraq has oil, but we have water. The oil will run out, but the water will not. Besides, you can't drink oil, anyway."

I asked about how a Turkish invasion would affect their EU bid. Answer: Who cares? They will never let us join, anyway. I asked about how an invasion would affect relations with the US.

Answer: You Americans are our friends and greatest ally, but we cannot sacrifice our country for that friendship. I never asked anyone about the possibility of losing American arms sales, but one of the Kurds I talked offers some inight on this. He was a fighter pilot in the Turkish Air Force. He flew a fighter plane that was made in China. Given their multiple sources for military equipment, I doubt that they would be concerned about losing their American source.

Unfortunately, I did not talk to any government officials, but the unimous consent of the people I talked to leads me to believe that the government will reflect their views, if only more diplomatically. Turkey is a democracy, after all. All I can say, is that the views of the Turkish people were quite chilling and do not bode well for the future of the region.

fostert777 from Steve Gilliard
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