Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Why? It's very simple actually. Ninety nine percent of the American people stand to lose if the true agenda of the core current Republican Party is ever fully enacted. Notice I said true agenda. I'm not speaking of the Big Lie propaganda techniques that are so effectively used today, showcasing the war in Iraq as a defense of America and the such, I'm taking about the core true agenda.

What would the United States look like if the current Republican Party's true agenda was enacted?

Imagine living in a country with no safeguards for the environment. Where citizens have not protections against the actions of corporations. Where, in fact, corporations run the government, absolve themselves of taxes and any responsibility at all.

Imagine living in a world where the sole purpose of the US military is to attack countries and spread democracy through war. Imagine the military growing and growing with the re-introduction of the draft.

Imagine no Social Security for our elders or disabled. No protection for women's rights. Imagine a time here evolution is science but the life-saving cures of stem cells are forever forbidden on the basis of religious preference.

Imagine a crippling national debt - solely created for the purpose of funding vast and enormous wealth for a few who use their considerable wealth to fund and feed the Medusa in a cruel cycle which continually concentrates the wealth of the nation.

Student loans? Gone. Global warming? Accelerated because the fuels that create it drive the economic engine. Torture? Slithering from the prisons of Iraq to a jail near you. Torturing Americans in the name of the War on Terror? It's a matter of time sadly, unless, of course it's already happening.

This is the core of the true agenda. Do you think you anyone would vote for it? Of course not. And there lies the fear of the Republican Medusa. As it has grown more powerful, it likes what it sees. It likes the power and the money and wants more and more.

It so wants more that it becomes reckless. The lies have become bolder (Cheney repeating the 9/11 and Saddam myth) and the actions more desperate (Spying on peace activists and fellow Americans.) Millions of dollars funneled to and fro. The attacks become more and more terrible. In fact, two election cycles from now, we will look back and what the infant Medusa did to Max Cleland and John Kerry with a sense of nostalgia at the innocence compared to what future attacks will look like. But the Swift Boat Veterans was the Medusa at its core.

Destroy a man because of his honorable service, absolutely.

Lie? Cheat? Break campaign laws? Not a problem. In fact, they relished in it.

And what happened? Many on the campaign hesitated - they really couldn't believe that this could or would be done. But it was. The Medusa, when cornered and threatened, will lash out with increasing ferocity and terror before it is destroyed. John Kerry was a real threat to them, and when this was recognized, the true evil surfaced.
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