Tuesday, December 06, 2005

who knew? who reported this? 


Taliban down 2 Yank choppers

WASHINGTON - Afghan insurgents downed two U.S. military choppers on Sunday, bringing the year's total to four, in what experts call the "Iraqization" of an escalating war with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

"Initial indications reveal that enemy fire caused two CH-47 Chinook helicopters involved in offensive operations in southern Afghanistan to make hard landings Sunday," military commanders said in a statement yesterday.

One chopper forced down near Kandahar resulted in five injured U.S. troops. The second was hit about 50 miles north at Tarin Kowt, but limped to a base. Both choppers were flying over Taliban strongholds where fighting has raged this year.

The shootdowns alarm Afghan analysts, who also are worried by an increase in roadside and suicide bombings this year, which have dwarfed 2004's total.

"You are seeing the tactics from Iraq being transferred to Afghanistan," said ex-Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Julie Sirrs. "The \[enemy\] has had a resurgence this year."

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