Monday, December 26, 2005

Steve Gilliard says 


Let's not pretend that if Bush's shredding of the constitution had stopped a major terrorist plot, a lot fewer people would be complaining. The problem is that Bush's raping of the law is not only a gross failure, but that the Administration has failed to turn up anything worthwhile, despite starting with the support of the public to an amazing degree.

People defending the wiretapping will be stunned at what NSA did with their abilities. I would not be shocked to see every cell phone call made by Cindy Sheehan in August catalogued by NSA as a threat to the President's security.

We're getting into the realm of the ridiculous when you have NEST teams running around and checking mosques for nuclear waste.

What is even more amazing is that FISA would have granted nearly all of the requests.

I was listening to Face the Nation and the reporters seemed to think Bush would recover from this if there was another terrorist attack. The problem is that AQ shot their wad with 9/11 and despite wiping their ass with the constitution, the Bushies found nothing because there is nothing to find.

AQ is not SPECTRE, it doesn't have cadres of trained killers on call. It is mostly grad students and poor young men. Most of training for 9/11 was done outsde the US. The best and brightest of AQ are still killing Americans, but in Iraq.

All of these elaborate plots, Anthrax, dirty bombs, are nearly in the realm of science fiction to carry off. The odds of you hitting the lottery is higher. Who would remain silent about a plot which if they revealed, could land them permanent residency and lots of money. Also, while good for a car bomb or walking into a hotel, making a dirty bomb is a lot higher. Why? Because you have to get your hands on the stuff and build an effective bomb, which is a lot harder than people think, despite TV.

The people charged with trying to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge wanted to use blow torches. Yeah.

The guys who blew up the Underground were UK natives with no contact with the security services. When Blair wanted to change the laws, he was refused. Why? Because the British had limits to what they wanted to do. Then of course, when Special Forces (the UK phrase for the SAS. SBS and Royal Commandos) executed a man in the subway, well, the taste for greater security quickly faded.

Because it rarely works.

Bush's search for terrorists was silly because there was scant evidence that there were large cells here to begin with. The 9/11 attackers were a self-contained group working from Germany. Jose Padilla? He couldn't even gangbang, much less make a dirty bomb.

Someone asked me if I didn't fear Islamic terrorists. I do, in Egypt, Iraq and other places when they have large numbers of supporters.

It was as if people were taking the scripts of 24 as gospel, not fiction. I love the show, but I also love James Bond.

But considering the number of Arab-Americans who enlisted in the military just after 9/11, this was more fear based than reality.

With the indictment of Rove just over the horizon, and even more revelations as intelligence officers lawyer up, it is unlikely Bush could surive in office until the end of his term. A Democratic Congress in 2007 is to impeach Bush and Cheney as one of their first acts. But I think they will resign before then.

This is the kind of thing which scares real Republicans witless

Oh yeah, watch how Alito flames out. If they filibustered the Patriot Act, Alito is unikely to make the cut, and it wll be the privacy issues which will kill him.

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »
That's a great story. Waiting for more. »
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