Friday, December 02, 2005

People don't like lobbyists 

Big Firms, Political Lobbyists Seen As Too Powerful in Washington

Americans overwhelmingly believe that certain groups have too much power in the nation's capital, according to the latest Harris Interactive poll.

Large majorities of Americans believe big U.S. companies have too much influence on government, the poll shows, and that sentiment has risen in recent years, to 90% in 2005 from 80% in 2003.

This year's telephone poll of 1,011 adults also found nearly three-quarters of Americans say political lobbyists have too much influence in the nation's capital and 68% feel the news media have too much power, down from 79% in 1994.

At the same time, more than a third of those polled feel religious groups have too much influence, up from 27% in 2000, while the percentage who feel racial minorities have too much power has fallen 10 percentage points to 28% this year.

Large numbers of U.S. adults also believe certain groups have too little power in Washington, according to the poll. These include small businesses (92%), public opinion (78%) and nonprofit organizations (67%).

Americans were most divided when judging the influence of labor unions. About 43% of those polled say they have too much power, compared with 46% who say they have too little power.

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