Monday, December 05, 2005

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In front of the faux gun-metal backdrop at Annapolis, to an audience of 18-22-year-olds ordered to be there, Bush uttered the latest in a series of Stateside tough boy lines, all the macho PR that can be mustered by a 60-year-old oilman who retires every night to ease and luxury:

"To all who wear the uniform, I make you this pledge: America will not run in the face of car bombers and assassins as long as I am your commander in chief."

He makes them that pledge - he makes it, not us, not the great middle America where two-thirds of the citizenry believes Iraq is a lost cause, according to every major poll. He makes the promise. And he backs it up with slick-looking banners and backdrops. Step and repeat.

He is, of course, assisted by a feckless Congress, which is only now beginning to every so gently stir to the realization of its own responsibility - nay, complicity - in this mess. Republicans backed their President and the neo-con wing; Democrats were worse: most made a quick political calculation and voted "aye" to toss away thousands of loves and billions of dollars with all the conviction of mid-level Vichy bureaucrats. As has long been pointed out by Republicans who despise this Administration (but do not say so publicly): what alternative do the Democrats have?
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