Friday, November 11, 2005

vets day 

From Huffington Posts

"Right now, George W. Bush is the Republican Party's chief liability," says a GOP strategist who has advised Presidential campaigns for 30 years. "The entire political future of the party and perhaps the nation now rests on the shoulders of a President that no one - Democrat or Republican - believes in or trusts."


Bob berger Says

Scheer and the sorry Times

So the Los Angeles Times drops Bob Scheer. His crime? Being right, out front, and lucidly insightful from first to last about the dishonest seduction of the American people into the war in Iraq; and the immorality and practical harm to our standing in much of the world of carrying mass destruction half a world away for no good reason.
(Have people forgotten that there was no good reason for the United States to attack Iraq, disgust with him and his vile regime not being a sufficient reason?)

Too predictable, they say about Scheer. George Bush isn't? Just look at the list of retained columnists in today's paper: none more predictable than the sorry Max Boot, who sees the corner turning in Iraq so often that he's in a perpetual propagandistic spin.

For Scheer, it seems, truth was no defense against the hatchets of the LATimes and Tribune. Pity.

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