Monday, November 14, 2005



Alabama Newspaper Comes Out Against Death Penalty –In Other News, Bush Admits War Is A Mistake

BIRMINGHAM With surveys showing about three-quarters of Alabama residents in support of the death penalty and almost 200 inmates on death row, the state's largest newspaper has come out in favor of a radical change: Ending capital punishment.

Citing numerous problems with a system it says is broken, The Birmingham News last week began six days of editorials arguing Alabama should do away with the death penalty.

Even if all the flaws disappeared, the paper said, executions should be halted in the name of promoting a "culture of life" that includes opposition to abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and euthanasia.

"We believe all life is sacred. And in embracing a culture of life, we cannot make distinctions between those we deem `innocents' and those flawed humans who populate Death Row," said the newspaper, which reversed decades of support of capital punishment.


We Don’t Torture. In Other News, Stars Are Just Pin Holes In A Giant Foamcore Sky

According to Kenner’s testimony, when the group reached the shower room Swanner told the M.P.s that “he did not want the prisoner to sit and he wanted him shackled to the wall.” (No explanation for this decision is recorded.) There was a barred window on one wall. Kenner and Nagy, using a pair of leg shackles, attached Jamadi’s arms, which had been placed behind his back, to the bars on the window.
The Associated Press quoted an expert who described the position in which Jamadi died as a form of torture known as “Palestinian hanging,” in which a prisoner whose hands are secured behind his back is suspended by his arms



Torture plus cover up

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