Wednesday, November 09, 2005

good day today 


Front page of the Huffington Post says it all...

Democrat Corzine Wins New Jersey... Democrat Kaine Wins Virginia... Democrat Kilpatrick Wins Detroit… Democrat Mallory Wins Cincinnati…

All Four Of Schwarzenegger's Ballot Measures Defeated...
White House Workers Attended First Lesson In Ethics Tonight...

Senate Grills Oil Bosses On Soaring Prices And Profits…

Payback Time here

In a race dominated by partisan payback, St. Paul voters swept former City Council Member Chris Coleman into office Tuesday with a 69 to 31 percent victory over Mayor Randy Kelly.

The 38-point margin of victory marked the worst defeat of any mayoral contender in two decades and ended a 16-year drought by DFL-endorsed candidates.

and at the national level...

Frist Demand To Expose CIA Secret Prison Whistleblower Backfires, Lott Says It's A Republican Senator...


NYT leaves out a crucial detail. THE SHOCK OF IT!

As Democrats challenge President Bush to rule out a pardon for Lewis Libby, a New York Times report that Libby has established a defense fund, describes a fund solicitor as "a Republican communications strategist," but doesn't mention that she was the chief spokeswoman for the Department of Justice in 2002 and 2003.


Bush Puts Foot In Mouth

Tony Karon notes that "many of the same leaders with whom Bush met at the summit ... were fighting dictators backed by the United States" at the time the president referred to when he told them that "only a generation ago, this was a continent plagued by military dictatorship and civil war."

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