Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Steve Gilliard Says 


Miller probably had more than one source if she was working on a story, because that was required to run a story. But that isn't really the question. It's how deeply was Miller involved in this mess. Fitzgerald has more on her than we know. A lot more. My guess is that the drama at the Times will be almost as bad as the drama in Washington.

Miller has almost NO support in the Times, either in the DC bureau or New York. She's got the bosses and no one else. When Myron Farber went to jail in 1978, the entire NY journalism community rallied around him. I was 14 at the time, but I remember people were supporting him. Miller hasn't gotten a word of support from her peers, you know, the people who actually work with her. Instead, they're running to Arianna, and I bet Pat Fitzgerald as well to rat her out. I don't think Bill Keller realizes how hated Miller is. I think he thinks she's disliked, but not how much. People helped jam her up and despite the caterwalling in her defense from people who didn't know her, the people who worked with her were more concerned with Steven Vincent's death, a man they barely knew. You would think Friedman and Dowd would have been leading the parade. Bzzzt.

Think about this for a second. If this had been Maurren Dowd in this mess, would the Times staff had been silent? Running to Arianna with dirt? Even Tom Friedman would have gotten more support. Nope, the staff of the Times has cut Miller loose.

A few perfunctory editorials by Gail Collins' crew and that's it. Even the Newspaper Guild couldn't support her.

Normally, a prosecutor jailing a reporter is a red flag, in this case, it elicited not only a yawn, but a chuckle. Pat Fitzgerald has more fans in the Times newsroom than Miller.

And Miller hatred spreads way beyond the Times. Robin Wright, Susan Page and her collegues in Washington also remained mute. You'd hear more noise on Galludet College's campus.

Nope, Miller may be the most hated reporter in journalism. And more than a few people were happy to see her in this kind of trouble.

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