Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Steve Gilliard Says 

(regarding Plame affair)

Folks, true or not, people are scared shitless. Rumors like that appear when people have the scent of fear in the air.

People may still be wrong, Fitzgerald may still just issue a report, but my feeling is that Judy Miller wasn't just clocking time. She was in jail for a reason and Fitzgerald was going to let her cool her heels until she realized that her bosses could do dick to help her. People were icy to her arguments and Arianna Huffington basically build the Huffington Post on her back. Hell, Maureen Dowd didn't say a word in her defense. Not one, not on Bill Maher, not on Timmah, nowhere. Hell, even her husband went to Spain while she was with the tats and cornrows set.

Judy was starting to figure out her ass was alone. Really alone.

So she talked and Fitzgerald is moving full steam ahead.

I think that Bush picked Miers not out of some Machiavellian plan to keep him and his out of jail, he could give a shit about Rove, or anyone else actually, but because when he gets jammed up, he needs to pick people he can trust. And Bush may well be jammed up. So, like a king at the end of his reign, he gives his most loyal retainer a prized appointment.

My feeling about Bush is that the people who serve him are just that, servants. Rove and Cheney are not his social peers and if they went down, well, the ground is a hard place to land. One thing about the Bush family is their snobbery. They think they're the Republican Kennedys but they are anything but. They're just another bunch of jacked-up rich folks.

A lot of people are going to be surprised when Rove and friends are indicted and Bush turns his back on them like hookers in the morning.

I'm getting ready for my happy dance.

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