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Maybe W Has had It With Rove

I've been watching talking heads on TV all day sputtering about how Bush will be devastated by the loss of his "brain."


There is another camp of people who think Bush is only too ready to cut Turd Blossom loose. People from the Beltway in-crowd who have seen the delight Bush takes in personally taunting and humiliating Rove (which he does publicly and frequently by all accounts) think that this is the inevitable result of the single most damaging blow to Rove's career -- when the meme "Bush's brain" entered the popular lexicon.

"Think about it," said a source who has watched Dubya treat Rove like some white, puffy version of Mr. Bill. "If anyone had called Stephanopolous 'Clinton's brain,' how do you think Clinton would've felt? But because it's Bush, nobody considers it."

The psychology certainly fits. Preznit Horse Cranker quite obviously has an ego that can barely be constrained within the Crawford city limits, and his reputation as C Plus Augustus has got to rankle. It would have looked too much like Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation was leading BushCo. around by the nose to dispense with Rove when Matt Cooper's article came out, but the sports books are not the only ones who are predicting that Dubya will soon find a convenient moment to throw Rove under the bus, if only to prove he can function without him.

Fitzgerald may be the hangman, but it looks like Dubya's tying the noose.


W will be judged by history poorly

One of many poll findings troubling for the nation's governing party: The number of Republicans who think Bush will be judged a successful president has dropped by 10 percentage points since his second inauguration nine months ago. Independents who think so have dropped by 11 points.


Press Wakes Up Briefly


Bush is fucked

"The source of this president’s power -- the cult of personality so finely crafted in his image -- is proving to be the key to his undoing. The secrecy, spin control and demands for loyalty in his White House have always been about making Bush the one and only face of his presidency. From the West Wing inner circle to the Cabinet, the Bush team was on orders to stay out of the limelight and let the president take the lead on all fronts.

"This system worked well for Bush when there was mostly good news to claim credit for. But now that blame for bad news must be handed out, the president stands almost alone in the receiving line.


W bad for Business

WILLIAMSBURG -- A surge of hostility toward Americans in other countries will hurt U.S. businesses unless they act to reverse the trend, an advertising executive told Virginia business and government leaders yesterday.

"Sooner or later, anti-Americanism is bad for business," said Keith Reinhard, chairman of the New York advertising firm DDB Worldwide. Reinhard also is the founder and president of Business for Diplomatic Action, which is organizing U.S. companies in a private-sector initiative to improve America's image in the world.


What A Horrible Gig

Treating soldiers like shit

Although Loria's problems may be striking on their own, the Army has recently identified 331 other soldiers who have been hit with military debt after being wounded at war. The new analysis comes as the United States has more wounded troops than at any time since the Vietnam War, with thousands suffering serious injury in Iraq or Afghanistan.



As E&P columnist William E. Jackson, Jr. pointed out in response, “Strikingly absent from the editors' note is any flat-out admission that the Times as an institution allowed the line to become indistinct between the Bush Administration's claims and the newspaper's own reporting. There is no admission that the nation's leading print outlet bears some responsibility for the march to war.”

And yet, they wonder why so many will not give the newspaper, and Judy Miller, a mulligan today.

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