Thursday, October 13, 2005



What did Pogo say? "We have met the enemy and it is us." How true this is in contemporary America. We elect, under very questionable circumstances, George Bush, who never accomplished squat in his life, and has the intellect of a snail and then wonder why he has manged to screw things up to the max. When you claim to have God telling you what to do and you are an airhead, is it any wonder that things are off the track. The lies of this administration as well as its vindictive treatment of dissent provides good insight into their operating mode. One example. GEN Meyers, the retired Chairman of the JCS, was at best an empty uniform, at worst a political hack. He agreed effusively with every goofy idea that Rummy or Bush had. In the process he probably destroyed the Army and the Reserves and National Guard. Upon his retirement Bush waxes elequoently about how wonderful he was, what a great patriot, ad naseum. When GEN Eric Sinsheki, who I think lost a foot in Vietnam, retired nary a word from Bush In fact, Rummy and his civilians did not even have the good sense of honor to attend the retirement ceremony. What was his egregious error? He disagreed with the Neocon rosy scenario and told the truth - it would take at least 200K troops to pacify Iraq. He was trashed just like Joe Wilson, Paul O'Neill, Larry Lindsey and Richard Clarke. My way or the highway. These guys, Bush and his minions are mental pigmies.Why should we expect any different behavior?
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