Sunday, October 23, 2005

Great Comment from Kos 


I know it is surprising to those of us who knew George Bush and his people were lying from the start to think that others may just be catching on, but denial, fueled by fear and passivity, is a dark visor.

I know that many people are claiming they didn't know that the invasion of Iraq was the wrong move, or that Bush wouldn't supercede his authority when Congress gave him carte blanche to expand the authority of the executive branch for reasons of "homeland security" (gosh, how I still hate that phrase, so evocative of mid-20th Century Germany), and that is still hard for me to swallow.

I mean, after all, if I, a housewife in Connecticut, connected to the wider world mainly through my computer, the newspapers, and the television, could eke out that we were being lied to by our leaders, why then were my own Democratic representatives so willing to give away their authority to a clearly corrupt regime?

I believe it is sometimes easier to see clearly from a distance. The media is too close to its sources these days. Our Democratic representatives dine off the same plates of power as the Republican representatives, and they all choose to look the other way as our country is being hijacked - yes, stolen - by a corrupt and criminal few who are feeding off the corpse of our beloved democracy.

From my distance, in my home, this seems so sad, so meaningless, so unnecessary.

Our only hope now is that the media and the politicians who are not so deeply steeped in corporate donations will stand up, speak out, and now do the right thing by all of us. Whether they do so because they were ignorant before but now they see or because they are afraid of not only missing the boat but help sink it, I do not care.

I hope they realize that by doing the right thing now they will win the respect, the regard, and the trust of the American people.

by Patricia Taylor

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