Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't Buy It 


Ok, Judy Miller, the embattled NYT "reporter" noted mainly for a specious body of work over the buildup to the war, now claims that she doesn't remember who outed a CIA agent.

I mean bullshit, plain and simple.

How can a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter for the NYT forget who exactly committed the crime that she spent two months in jail covering for?

This is like saying that the New England Patriots lost a scrimmage to a high school in the midwest. It's like Scott Peterson's claim that he didn't dump his wife's body, he was just fishing. It just smells.

She is still lying. She is covering up one of the stinkiest sources of corruption in the Bush Administration: that the invasion of Iraq was a planned event that was staged to look like it was just unfolding; and that the NYT editorial board and Judy Miller were all key players in this machination.

I mean honestly is there really anyone with a three digit IQ who really believes that Bush was misled and never planned from the beginning to hit Iraq? I mean there have been five cabinet level defectors who have come out and written books claiming that Iraq was the target from the beginning of the Administration. Then there's the Downing Street Memo.

She is covering her own ass.

She was an operative, allied with the Bush Administration, to market the war. Think about it- the NYT is a cultural enemy of the Bushies. They're pro science, pro education, constant critics of Bush- but Judy Miller was the ultimate double agent.

Judy Miller was the real operative. She provided the legitimacy that the Bush Administration desperately needed to come from the bastion of Leftness: the NYT.

In return for her loyalty, she would have free reign to go in to Iraq with a unit and be the one to uncover the nukes and chemical weapons and bio weapons.

But lo and behold, Judy didn't know that there really were no nukes. There were no bio weapons and in fact most of the weapons programs in Iraq were faked - for two reasons. One was that the Iraqis wanted enemies to think they had them. Two- middle managers were expected to show results in weapons programs and just exagerrated. Hell, Saddam may have been lying simply by accident. He may have believed they Iraq did have some capability. Whatever the truth of it is, Judy bought her own bullshit and now is in the middle of a conspiracy on the worst sort.

The NYT is damaged deeply by this. Not just because they covered for her under "principles" but because they helped concoct a war, and sell it, and have refused, to this date to come clean. Like the drunk uncle who sits wasted by an empty bottle scotch- insisting that he has not touched it. Like the 6 year old who stands over a broken lamp and insists that he was somewhere else when this thing broke.

There only three things the Gray Lady can do to redeem herself. One- she has to uncover the truth of the matter, not the Wapo or blogs. But herself. Two- the editors must come clean and/or resign, and Judy should be fired.

None of these things will happen.


But Judy's claim that she doesn't know who outed Mrs Plame, is the last straw for me.

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