Monday, October 03, 2005

Crawford Texas Hates Bush 


TEXAS TOWN BUSHWHACKED? Not everybody in Crawford, Tex., (pop. 705) is honored that Connecticut native George W. Bush has a vacation home there, where he has spent 20% of his presidency. "He don't know dirt," Crawford resident Larry Mattlage confides to Evgenia Peretz in the upcoming Vanity Fair. "He's a visitor to this group of people. Nobody knows anything about him." Mattlage adds that the Bushes "got a lot of money, and they got access to a lot of machinery and a lot of bulldozers and a lot of destructive equipment, and before you know it, they can screw up something so damn bad." Peretz predicts that once the ranch has outlived its usefulness - presenting the President as

a courageous, plain-spoken cowboy - the Bushes will leave for cosmopolitan Dallas.

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