Sunday, October 16, 2005

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Fitzgerald will soon name the President


Fitzgerald will soon name the President, at the very least, as an undicted co-conspirator.

I studied Soviet politics in college and this post contains content in the style of the academic Kremlinologists of my college days. Because so little was known about how the Soviet Kremlin actually worked, academics used seemingly obscure events and official language to try to discern what was going on.

Just so, I speculate in this Diary that the President will, at the very least, be named as an undicted co-conspirator very soon.

A few facts upon which my hypothesis is based...

1 George Stephanopolous said that his source said that Cheney and Bush were "involved in the discussions."

It's unimaginable that GS could and would make such a statement without ABC News Management approval. He would have had to give up his source to ABC News Management much like the young Woodward had to give up his to Ben Bradley. Evidently, ABC News Mangement was enough impressed with the credibility of GS' source to allow him to make the statement.

Hypothesis Fact Finding: It's likely that Bush and Cheney were in on some Wilson/Plame related discussions.

2 Bush hired as his personal attorney, for his not-under-oath-interview with Fitzgerald, a RICO lawyer.

Be sure to read the whole of John Dean's analysis on this. Here is a link to the James E. Sharp profile at FindLaw. Browse down in this last link to see that the first of Sharp's specialties is RICO.

Hmmm. The President of the United States meets with an extraordinarily empowered Special Counsel to discuss the outing of a CIA Agent and his choice for personal attorney is a RICO specialist.

Hypothesis Fact Finding: If Bush was involved in "discussions" as Stephanopoulos says he was then Bush understood his most significant legal exposure to be conspiracy related and he brought in a specialist familiar with conspiracy-related law.

3 Bush will be named SOON

It's never a good idea to signal those on the ship that the Captain is in the gunsight until the end of battle. And sure enough, one of the last folks to testify before the Grand Jury term expires is Karl Rove.

The conventional wisdom for calling Rove at this time is to provide him with an opportunity to clarify his previous statements to the Grand Jury that contradicted others' testimony and other facts. It's probable that there were a few questions about that. But was it necessary to quiz him for 4 hours or more just to get at that? Think about this just for a moment: Does anyone familiar with this matter believe that Fitzgerald didn't already have Rove for perjury at a minimum? More likely, Fitzgerald's questioning also circled around about the issue of What did the President know and When did he know it.

Hypothesis Fact Finding: If the President was involved in "discussions" and was a part of the conspiracy he's going to be named soon.

4 The folks on the BushCo A-Team crew already understand they will be walking the plank. They also know that the fight now is to save the Captain.

Notice that they don't really have too much bad to say yet about Fitzgerald in the media. What's up with that?

Well, being the experts of the Big Smear that they are, they know that it must be saved for the time when using it has the possibility of making a difference. And, unfortunately for them, they know it won't make a difference... for them.

We know that they know they're going to walk the plank because they haven't resorted to it yet to save themselves. They already know, in this matter, that the Big Smear must be reserved to save the President.

Hypothesis Fact Finding: The BushCo A-Team crew knows that it's most important players will be walking the plank and that it's time for those who haven't and won't flip to try to save the President.

5 Given the apparent evidence of Bush and Cheney being involved the "discussions", Patrick Fitzgerald's character will drive him to name the President.

I won't take time now to provide the links that describe Patrick Fitzgerald's commitment to seeing justice done. If you are a TraitorGate addict, you've already read them and if you're not then you can easily find them in just a few minutes.

Patrick Fitzgerald may be apolitical but that doesn't mean he is ignorant of political context. So, he knows that writing a report for Congress that describes the involvement of the President in some discussions will result in nothing being done.

His interest in justice will preclude, for him, the option of merely submitting a report to Congress that details the President's involvement.

If Patrick Fitzgerald is, indeed, Elliot Ness with a sense of humor and has testimony to the effect that the President was involved in some "discussions" of the Wilson/Plame matter then he will soon name the President, at the very least, as an unindicted co-conspirator.

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