Friday, October 07, 2005

Arianna to NYT 


In regards to the “full story account” of the Judy Miller affair that they promise is coming

On Monday, Keller told his staffers, “I know that you and our readers still have a lot of questions about how this drama unfolded”. Indeed we do. We also have a lot of questions about just how thorough this “thoroughly reported piece” will actually be.

For instance, is it going to focus only on “the drama” of Judy’s time behind bars -- or will it finally shed some light on her still very murky role in Plamegate? Will it include an accounting of Miller’s grand jury testimony? More on her relationship with Scooter Libby? Will it delve into Miller’s dreadful reporting on WMD in Iraq -- the issue that brought her to the Plame dance in the first place?


Memo to Keller and Landman: If you are going to do it, really do it. Don’t half-step or kinda tell the whole story. In the end, the truth will out and the other shoe will eventually drop -- ask Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd. The slow blood-letting that led to their resignations five-weeks after Blair was forced to quit was much worse for the paper -- and much harder for everyone involved -- than putting all the cards on the table right away would have been.

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