Monday, September 26, 2005

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More Protest Signs

Here's just a modest sample of those that caught my eye, reflecting as they did humor, determination, and more than anything else, outrage: "Yeeha is not a foreign policy"; "Making a killing"; "Ex-Republican. Ask me why"; "Blind Faith in Bad Leadership is not Patriotism"; "Bush is a disaster!" (with the President's face in the eye of a hurricane); "He's a sick nut my Grandma says" (with a photo of an old woman in blue with halo-like rays emanating from her); "Osama bin Forgotten"; "Cindy speaks for me"; "Make levees not war"; "W's the Devil, One Degree of Separation"; "Dick Cheney Eats Kittens" (with a photo of five kittens); "Bush busy creating business for morticians worldwide"; "Liar, born liar, born-again liar"; "Dude -- There's a War Criminal in My White House!!!"; "Motivated moderates against Bush"; "Bored with Empire"; "Pro Whose Life?"; "War is Terrorism with a Bigger Budget."

Protest Signs

That's not to suggest that the anti-war movement has come down with anything resembling military discipline. In the frequently carnivalesque march that looped around the White House and downtown, one could spot just about any slogan imaginable, from the 9/11 conspiracy theorists to the simply unintelligible: Riding a green ladies' bicycle, a white-bearded hippie sanctimoniously coasted down a line of stationary D.C. cops, holding aloft a poorly lettered sign reading "WHY? Motherfucker$." Four of D.C.'s finest double over laughing in his wake. "The city prefers the officers to keep a straight face," their sergeant said. "Sometimes that's hard."

Republicans are the fastest growing Part of the antiwar movement

The NYT/CBS poll breaks responses down along party lines, and the results are pretty astounding:

Republicans who want to increase the troops level: 12 percent – Democrats, 8 percent. The super hawks are (1) a tiny minority, and (2) not noticeably partisan one way or the other.

Republicans who want troop levels to remain the same: 41 percent – Democrats, 15 percent. This shows how out of touch with their base the Democrats are: most Democratic members of Congress would take the majority Republican position.

Republicans who want to decrease the number of U.S. troops in Iraq: 29 percent – Democrats, 29 percent.

Iraq Constitution In Present Form Likely To Spawn Civil War, Not Erase It.

LONDON, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Iraq's rushed constitutional process has deepened ethnic and sectarian rifts and is likely to worsen the insurgency and hasten the country's violent break-up, the International Crisis Group (ICG) said on Monday.

"The constitution is likely to fuel rather than dampen insurgency," said Robert Malley, head of the think-tank's Middle East and North Africa programme, introducing an ICG report.

"A compact based on compromise and broad consent could have been a first step in a healing process. Instead it is proving yet another step in a process of depressing decline."

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