Sunday, October 03, 2004

Rumor Has It DeLay Is Finished 


Laura At Warandpiece Says Talk Has It DeLay Is Finished.

Was at a dinner party last night, with some veteran Hill and Brookings people. And among the notable observations and gossip from folks there, the word on the Hill is that Tom DeLay is finished. A downfall that couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. He's always struck me as an evil character from a David Lynch movie. Apparently, DeLay is in real life basically every bit as despicable as he appears. Works closely with a lobbyist from Hell who championed a loophole allowing no regulation of sweat shops and virtual slavery for Chinese workers working in horrendous sweat shop conditions on the Marshall Islands. An African lobbyist told me recently about DeLay's other tight associations with another right wing American lobbyist who co-owns a property with a South African apartheid era former defense official, where dogs were set on blacks for sport. May justice be done to these people. There is the redistricting issue, and that is odious in its own way. But then you get these reports from people who deal with DeLay on a daily basis that describe someone of such moral ugliness, who has the chummiest of ties with those who truly trample on the world's poor and most vulnerable. For me, that sort of ugliness overshadows what a demonic political operator DeLay has been.

Along those lines, Washington Post journalist Douglas Farah has an interesting recent post about blood diamonds merchant of death Victor Bout and his DoD contracts. Check it out.
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