Monday, October 04, 2004



Bush Administration Officials Again Show No Desire To Stop Waste And Fraud From Their Backers. However, When It Comes To a TINY Public School Donation…Well THAT’s Different.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 - Public libraries and schools around the nation have suddenly stopped receiving any new grants from a federal program that is wrestling with new rules on how it spends $2.25 billion each year to provide high-speed Internet and telephone service.

The moratorium at what is known as the E-Rate program began two months ago, with no notice, and may last for months, causing significant hardships at schools and libraries, say state officials and executives at the company that runs the program.

The suspension came after the Federal Communications Commission, in consultation with the White House, imposed tighter spending rules that commission officials say will make it easier to detect fraud and waste in the program.

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