Thursday, September 30, 2004

Symposium On War Journalism Very Revealing 


For David Zucchino, foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and author of Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad, what was most shocking was the soldiers' reactions to "having to kill so many people [so] efficiently."

The floor was soon opened to questions from the audience, who guided the panelists toward speaking about their experiences with the current war in Iraq.

"I always tried to write objectively when I was in Iraq," Zucchino said. "The unit I was attached to was constantly running out of food and water, and I wrote about that. I'm certain that reporters like me helped to solve this war's many problems."

Being in the thick of the fray allowed panelists to be exposed to the battles as they were unfolding.

"This war was a mess," Piore said. "It was horribly executed. There weren't enough troops, and I witnessed countless operations that were wasteful and miserably run."

David Swanson added his perspective as a photographer for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"As a photographer, I couldn't find one positive image in Iraq," Swanson said. "Isn't it obvious that there were no positive outcomes to this war?"

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