Monday, September 20, 2004

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Bush's dangerous leadership

The problem is that the American people see far fewer images of the real brutality in Iraq than other people around the world. Canadian media outlets certainly cover it and the British press has been very influential in keeping the pressure on Blair so that he's held to account. I'd bet that the vast number of hurricane pictures and videos far outweighs what Americans have seen about the war in Iraq during the past couple of months.

And don't even get me started on the dead and wounded who are almost invisible in all of this. The outrage over the Nightline pics was the pinnacle of your country's right-wing unwillingness to take an honest look at this war. Ironic - since many of those same right-wingers have no problem attending church every Sunday honouring icons of Jesus crucified on the cross. That, somehow, is acceptable while the image of today's 'martyrs' (those who have fought and died) is not. Absolute hypocrisy of the worst kind.

If the horror of terror doesn't come within either the spectrum of religious icons or within the realm of entertainment such as war movies, many members of the public express their disgust. What is truly disgusting is the complete denial of reality in order to justify man's inhumanity to man. Bush has been seen, once again, as exactly what he is. By dismissing recent intelligence estimates on the real state of affairs in Iraq, he appeases those who might have an inkling to step out of their comfortable little boxes of denial by reassuring them that everything is just fine and by doing so exhibits exactly what he is - an incredibly dangerous leader. Never doubt that history repeats itself. Never. There is too much at stake.

Republicans: Deconstructing America, one day at a time.

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