Monday, September 27, 2004

Cheney Talks Terror. Crowd Wants To Hear Local Problems. 


Cheney Bores Crowd

Even after remarks wholly dedicated to foreign policy, the vast majority of questions from members of the audience - all of them unerringly polite and deferential - dealt with domestic or economic issues, not wars or terrorism.

Some of his supporters found this apparent disconnect unsurprising, including Harriet Faren, president of the Lebanon Valley, Pa., chamber of commerce. Ms. Faren is a Republican who spoke in advance of Mr. Cheney's appearance at PRL Industries Inc., a small defense contractor in Cornwall, Pa. Afterward, while saying that unemployment in the county was 2.9 percent in 2000 and remained at 3.7 percent now, Ms. Faren said: "It's not surprising that the vice president spoke about terrorism. It seems to have become the real issue in the campaign now."

Patricia Herschkowitz, an executive with PRL, said her workers were "aglow" after the event. "We were extremely pleased and proud to be chosen for this event," Ms. Herschkowitz said. But on reflection, she added, referring to domestic concerns, "It does seem that some of these issues could have been reflected better."

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